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About CHÉ FÈ


Welcome home to Denmark's most organic trattoria all'Italiano – and possibly the most Italian as well. Because here the food really does taste like in Italy with all its humor, anarchy and respect for its produces. We love the traditions but are equally in love with the modern trends that are also an important part of today's Italy. You will be full, content and satisfied by visiting Ché Fè, where the good old concept of Casa Mia has found refugee from all the pseudos and is thriving. In short: Welcome home to Ché Fè!


We are situated in Borgergade where there recently has been an explosion of great restaurants – but our history actually goes back to 2007, where the same location bore the name Acquamarina and served fish Made in Italy. In 2013 we reopened as Biotrattoria Ché Fè, and the name Biotrattoria is no coincidence: our bio-trattoria was the first place in Denmark to serve Italian food based on mainly organic ingredients and today we are proud to have the prestigious Sølv Spisemærke (The Silver Food Mark) which proves that 60-90% of all our ingredients and wines used in the restaurant are certified organic.


By us you are met by a cosy, Italian ambience where the personal and intimate are at the heart of everything we do: the approx. 45 seatings are distributed on long tables, smaller tables in the windows and by the bar, in order to meet the preferences of both larger groups, small families and couples out on a date. There is room for everybody and the love and attention that we transmit to our costumers are coming back to us in curious, karmic ways: our regular clients get confused if some one is missing from the team – we have even tried to get phone calls on our day off from concerned guests, who want to check if we are all right!


The key persons in Ché Fè are Alessandro Jacoponi, Katrine Giorgio Juel and Enrico Cecilian. With a legacy that counts michelin star restaurant Era Ora, a first place in the risotto world championship 2013 and the role as Italian guest judge in the Danish version of Masterchef, Alessandro is the natural orbit of Ché Fè – and its owner. Katrine is our dedicated sommelier, while Enrico masters everything that goes on in the kitchen.



Since our opening, Ché Fè has been on a mission to make real Italian food by activating the dogmas about taste, sustainability and traceability for which Italy has always been famous. Many places in Denmark make claim to the Italian kitchen – either as a classic restaurant concept, or in synergy with the New Nordic trend. We, however, just want to cook what the Italians make at home.


We like to imagine that many generations are looking over our shoulder in the Ché Fè kitchen: grandma with the traditions and the old recipes, the daughter who loves wholegrain and fibers, and the grandson, who has just got home from Milano and slips something new into the ragout sauce when nobody's looking. The fact that we make homey meals means that taste goes before looks – we don't use much time on decorating the stuff on the plate, instead we put all our energy into the aroma, the structure and the synergy with the wine on your table.


We import most of our ingredients from hand picked suppliers in Italy, where true soul mates grow the freshest vegetables, fruits, herbs, legumes and rice for our kitchen. Our meat and cheese come from free range animals and these suppliers are the true backbone of our business – they load only their best produce into the van that carries everything from Italy to Borgergade once a week, collecting everything on its way in order to lower the environmental impact. Our menu is therefore based on what our suppliers prefer – not the other way around.


Our focus on organic ingredients and sustainability derives from a strong wish to make life more pure and simple. This means that we use ingredients with a minimum of processing, such as wholegrain rice, bread and pasta, banning heavy stuff such as butter and sauces and using light olive oils, vinegars and citrus fruits to balance the acids in the body. All this stimulates the digestion and ensures that our guests can raise from the table without any heaviness.



You are what you eat and drink says the proverb, and this is also true when it comes to wines. Many modern wine makers have been forced to adapt themselves to the global market and soak their fields with pesticides and chemicals. Fortunately, Italy is also full of idealists and we import all our wines from true soul mates who respect nature and live in harmony with their surrounding territory. Our repertoire counts approx. 70 wines to be enjoyed either by the glass, in bottle or in a perfectly matched wine menu.


In our glasses you find all the contrasts of Italy: from Sicily's vulcan slopes and the soft fields of Tuscany to the foggy drenched planes of Piemonte you will meet fascinating terroirs that unearths Italy's extraordinary biodiversity. We aim at having as many organic wines on our wine card as possible, but since it is a long and expensive process to become a certified organic winery in Italy, we also serve wines without certificate. This however doesn't make the wines less organic, and we have strong relations with each wine maker and can guarantee their organic quality. Every bottle has been conceived in a symbiosis of passion, hard work and ancient knowledge which makes the world so much bigger for the ones that empty their glasses in Ché Fè.


Meet some of our wine makers:




When the evening darkness embraces our restaurant it could look like as if our wine shelves were scattered with real life butterflies, taking a rest on the bottles. They are however all painted on the etiquettes of one of our most trusted suppliers, the Camparo family, who make their wines in the Piemontese Langhe district, home to the majestic Barolo. We pour both their Barolo, Nebbiolo and Barbera in Ché Fè, and despite of their strength, the wines have a dash of poetry in them, surely because of the particular fertile soil. Since the farming is organic the wine yards are surrounded by animals and colorful insects such as the beautiful, local butterflies which more than anything else underlines the symbiosis between Camparo and the district.


Val di Toro


Tuscany is not only about Brunello's and Chiantis; in the southern part of Toscana we encounter the Maremma district with a long tradition for less known and more mysterious wines made on 100% juicy sangiovese. Some of the strongest ambassadors for these wines are Anna Maria Cruciata and Hugh Constable Maxwell who run the Val di Toro farm. The estate takes its name from the local cattle and the animal also embodies the strength and stamina of this great wine by acting as the business logo. A particular delicious Toro-wine is the Morellino di Scansano DOCG with forest berries and black cherries as the dominant features in the aroma which makes it perfect for the more hearty cucina povera-dishes that we serve in Ché Fè.


Manucci Droandi


For centuries the families of Manucci and Droandi have grown grapes and turned them into fantastic wines near the Tuscan middle age city of Arezzo, where some of their wine yards are even surrounded by dense forest. From here we get some of our most elegant Chiantis, among them the Chianti Colli Aretini. The lighter Ceppeto originates from sangiovese grapes grown in the shadow of oak and chest nut groves, and when the family is not busy harvesting grapes or bottling wine, they are occupied in important organic studies carried out in their experimental fields close to the estate in collaboration with the local ministry of agriculture.


The team:


Italy is a melting pot of different cultures and nationalities – just like our restaurant, where the team consists of mainly Italians, but also gives amnesty to Danes, Swedes and South Americans who cannot live without a great dose of Italy on a regular basis. Every day they do their uttermost to unveil the very essence of Italian hospitality and gastronomy to our guest.


Alessandro Jacoponi – owner and restaurant manager


Born in Arezzo, Sandro began his career as a chef in restaurant Era Ora in 1987, becoming partner 3 years after. And he was head chef on the night that Era Ora got a visit from the michelin guide, an encounter that resulted in the prestigious star 1 year after. He was also in charge of the teams new restaurants L'Altro and Acquamarina, before becoming head chef of Ché Fè in 2012. Since the 1 of September 2014 Sandro has been the proud owner of Biotrattoria Ché Fè, a move that matches his personality and ambitions perfectly: hospitality, humor and precision on every plate are Sandro's signature trademark and during service you will always find him mingling between his guests, making sure that everyone's happy. However, Sandro is still a very skilled and respected cook and is often used as a guest judge during the Danish version of Masterchef. In 2013, he also won the risotto world championship held in Copenhagen.


Katrine Giorgio – sommelier and waiter


This woman is one of Denmark's few female sommeliers but started her career as a curious waitress in Era Ora. In fact, she was so curious that she began sipping from the left over wines after service and was amazed by their quality and striking personalities. She decided to turn her wine passion into a career, and being 50% Swedish and 50% Italian, she fits perfectly into the Ché Fè universe where many of the regular clients only want to dine if she is there, and where Katrine doesn't hesitate to make strange cartoons drawings out of guests who don't behave properly.


Enrico comes from the fertile and rural corner of northeastern Italy where he during his career has been deeply touched and influenced by the legendary chef Gualtiero Marchesi – the one who catapulted the Italian kitchen into modernity. Enrico is however first and foremost inspired by the simple yet tasty qualities of his home country and as a true, creative soul he also looks to other spheres to find inspiration – in his case, music is of great importance, especially jazz and classical. Enricos style is characterized by steady flows, perpetual compositions and an easily interpreted repertoire of aromas which greatest ambition is not to experiment, but to find harmony and satisfaction.



Real Italian food is best when shared with family and friends – and with its proud tradition for assorted appetizers, antipasti, stuzzichini and hearty main courses Italian gastronomy is perfect for big celebrations and parties, where you want the food to be both tasty and exciting. We have big experience in catering and out of the house and can deliver for a minimum of 10 persons to an unlimited number of guests. You can either choose to pick up the food here in Ché Fè or book our whole team to come with you and manage the whole party, from making the tables and preparing the food to serve it and clean up afterwards. Our sommelier will be more than happy to supply the wines and you are always welcome to contact us or pass by our restaurant for chat about your wishes and needs.



With our emphasis on the authentic Italian kitchen we are completely aware that Italy doesn't exist as just one reality; the country consists of thousands of different, local universes, and this fascinating fact is at the core of every event that we do – during the year we organize meetings with our suppliers who visit us in order to teach us and our guests more about their fantastic produce: wine makers dinners, guest cooks and menus where we play with raw materials from a specific region are among our favorite events, which get quickly booked. So hurry and sign up to receive our newsletter where we always announce our events in advance.